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2011 Earthquake Report

This is a must have report
for any disaster niche website owner.

Main stream media are completely happy making people foam at the mouth with fear over natural disasters. While being prepared for any natural disaster is vital and always makes good sense, your viewers need to know the real information about natural disasters. They need to be aware of the reality so they can take a real approach to preparedness without the shock and awe anxiety that the media engenders.

Here at RHS1, we've been tracking global quakes for 6 years. We have the real statistics and the science information to put quake hazards into perspective for your viewers.

Report Statistics:

Words: 2,539

Pages: 7


Earthquake Totals (per magnitude, 5 mag and stronger) for 2011: quarterly and full year

USGS average (10 yr)

RHS1 updated average (6 yr)

Explanation of USGS and RHS1 averages

Explanation of Aftershocks and quake totals

Explanation of Magnetic Pole Shift on totals

Average/year totals comparisons

Quake fatality numbers for 2011

Written by Native English speaker/writer (written by Sal).

Comes with completed PLR – copy in Open Office and copy in Microsoft Word.

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